About ImmersionUX


4 Fricker Road, Illovo, Johannesburg

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Immersion UX Was Formed To:

  • Bring scientific & creative excellence together
    Through applied psychology integrated into modern creative design techniques.

  • Help corporates develop mature UX capabilities
    Business acumen in UX operating models and capability build to establish sustainable practices.

  • Grow the South African foundational UX community
    Creating equal opportunities and supporting the development of sustainable grassroots UX professionals.

  • Bring highly-skilled individuals together to excel
    High-performance, flat team structure bringing the best out of T-shaped, skilled experts.

What We Believe In:

    Relentlessly caring for the user is the basis of experience design
    Pragmatically bringing the realities of the business, technology and user together.

    We are unconditionally curious, and inspired by a world where almost anything is possible.
    Making the experience happen through creative confidence.

    UX is not common sense. We are scientific, delightfully rigorous & driven by quality.
    We build trust through our professionalism.

    Everything we do is fearlessly guided by creating value.
    Keeping it real.

    We work better together; with users, clients and partners.
    We share openly, integrating our IP rather than hiding it.

The Hiring Process

We have three rounds of interviews:
* The initial touchpoint for culture and technical ability
* A take home case study
* The final interview to determine to you and us if we are a good fit to take over the world together

Flexible Work Hours (Its about getting the job done not watching a clock)
Competitive renumeration packages
Opportunity to work with some of the best UX professionals in the world
Our company strives for breeding the best UX practitioners in South Africa. We have dedicated training sessions with various experts in human factors, research and design and validation to help you grow
Tech Stack

Business Tools

Microsoft Sharepoint

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