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What Immer does
Immer is an early-stage tech startup working on the future of screen-reading. We developed a new and more engaging way of reading books on the phone that’s award winning and proven by science.

Immer offers a positive way to spend time on the phone that’s entertaining, enriching and meditative, helping people create nourishing reading moments during their day. Wondering what our future plans are? Check out this investor video that we recently created.

Who we are
There are two passions that unite the Immer team: a love for books, and a passion for technology. And while we love our digital devices, we acknowledge that we are often using them mindlessly. Instead of learning and immersing, we’re swiping and liking. We want to change that! The Immer team is driven by a meaningful purpose and we’re ambitiously working on the global reading revolution – pioneering is in our nature.

Doing this, we are drawing on the knowledge of our various partners in publishing, science, technology, investment, and beyond. With a people-first culture and a flexible working arrangement, we care about creating an enjoyable and enriching journey for each team member.

Tech equipment: your (home) office will be supplied with everything you need to excel in your work
Travel allowance: we’ve got you covered for the days you decide to commute
Stock options: if we make it big, you’ll own a slice of Immer
Flexibility: work from home or from our Utrecht-based office, and decide your own working hours (at least once a week, we’d like you to join us in the office)
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