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What we do

We are a B2B platform business focused on enabling and empowering vendors, distributors and resellers to interact, transact and drive product through the IT distribution channel. We launched the business in January 2017 and have secured multi-stage venture capital funding from a South African-based boutique private equity fund.

Our platform is unique in the breadth of product it enables distributors to take to market. It supports both hardware and software distribution, and on the software side covers ESD, MSP and cloud programmes. With a growing number of globally recognized vendors registering their availability on the platform, our platform users have access to some of the world’s most used and trusted products and services.

What motivates us is the opportunity to build a South African-grown, world-class organization. Our current market focus is on South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, which we will extend to the Middle East as well as the rest of Africa during the course of 2018. We are setting out to build a truly global business.

Our business model means that we are developing and perfecting a single product. We are not involved in client project or custom development in any way. We direct and drive the product vision and roadmap.

Our developers are responsible for working on the core platform, whilst adding new features and functionality on an ongoing basis and managing third-party vendor and ERP integration.

We aim to be the best in the world at what we do, and we actively focus on innovation and quality. 

Our technology set

We develop predominantly within the AWS environment, taking advantage of decoupled micro-services, implementing server-less architecture wherever possible. Our platform runs off a .NET Core/Node.JS back-end, implementing AWS Lambda functions and a Javascript/Angular front-end. This architectural pattern enables high business agility, scalability and speed to market. It also means our development effort is centred on solving business problems and delivering business value.

The cutting-edge AWS technology which we employ is used by some of the world's leading companies including Amazon, Netflix, Dropbox, Pinterest, AirBnB, The New York Times and Instagram, amongst many others.

Our culture

ChannelCenter is a young company, with ample growth opportunities.

We offer flexible working hours with a core between 9am and 3pm, and our developers will have the opportunity to gain company-sponsored AWS/Microsoft certifications. We believe in allowing employees to play to their strengths but actively enable rotation across the development teams and setting career goals to enable growth and stretch.

Senior developers will manage small employee teams and will be granted the opportunity to lead development direction accordingly. 

We place a heavy emphasis on teamwork and learning within our organization, and are customer-centric. We value hard work and accountability, as well as attention to detail and quality. We encourage a culturally diverse workplace with a common set of values.

Our core development process

We adhere to an agile/SCRUM approach to software development, with weekly sprints and deployments. Our developers work in small, self-organizing teams which operate within an open and collaborative work environment.

We are looking for highly motivated team players who want to make a difference, and be part of building a unique, industry game-changing platform.

Our hiring process

Our first interview is exploratory in nature, consisting of a structured interview with the company directors to assess technical skills, as well as overall company and cultural fit.

Should you be successful, a second interview will then be arranged in order to meet the team with which you will be working. This is a more informal meeting and provides the opportunity to get a real sense of the team dynamic.

In some cases, a technical assessment may be required after the first interview.

AWS certification program
Flexible working hours
Microsoft Certification
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Learning culture
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Amazon S3
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Amazon EC2
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Amazon VPC
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