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Inifinity Business Park, Block-B, 4 Pieter Wenning Rd, Fourways, Johannesburg, 2191.

Company Size


Causal Nexus is a growing start-up, which specialises in real-time dynamic transactional systems within the banking, retail and payments environment.

Our mission is to make it easier for all South Africans to participate in the financial system.

The company comprises eleven team members, most of whom are seasoned engineers. Our culture is centred around:

  1. the design and rapid delivery of elegant software systems,
  2. strong customer service and finally, and
  3. conducting business with high integrity.

These three principals are our corner stones. All other aspects are secondary matters to us, which means that we are flexible around office hours, leave, technology, working location, etc.

At our company, you’ll learn a lot about software engineering and product development in a high availability distributed processing environment, which is not necessarily limited to payments alone.

Despite our small size, we have been able to challenge the juggernauts in the industry, and our long-term goal is to become leaders in the field. That said, we have no ambition to grow the business into a faceless corporation. We believe a group of 10-20 skilful engineers can give the incumbents a run for their money.

Naturally, top talent commands top dollar, and we are prepared to pay handsomely for great engineers.

All of this might sound very serious, but we have a very fun and easy-going culture. Not a day passes where you won't not laugh your butt off and some joke, bet or prank. We all love coming to work because it is such a positive environment to be in.

Just our hiring process in brief:

  1. Initial informal phone call to determine whether it might be a good fit.
  2. Software engineering test, which you can complete in your own time.
  3. Face-to-face interview in Johannesburg.
  4. Offer time! 😁
Support for further education
Free lunch
Sweet development rig
Unlimited leave
Lucrative salary
Flexible hours
Learn about payment tech
Work locally or remote
Medical aid
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon EC2
Microsoft Azure
.Net Core 2.0




Amazon Route 53
Google Analytics

Business Tools

Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Teams
Our swanky offices.
Outdoor area for fresh air.
Our reception.
We have a rooftop bar yo!
The rooftop bar is the business!
Tough day at the office with Standard Bank. Doing some groundwork in Thembisa.
Our team travelling in Brazil. Making the most of our unlimited leave policy.
The most popular team member.

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