Role: Head of Content

At OfferZen our mission is to help software developers build great things and have awesome careers. Right now we do that through our recruitment marketplace, but we plan to do a lot more.

We believe that the right content can play a huge role in helping software developers, and the companies that hire them. That’s why we’re looking for someone to be our Head of Content. In this role you’ll be the person responsible for writing articles and producing videos. You’ll need to be able and willing to do the hard grind personally to create world-class content.

This is not a “traditional” content marketing role. We are rather looking for someone who is driven by the idea of being an educator. You’ll be writing in-depth, long-form articles with the goal of actually helping people. Each post (or video) should be a definitive study into its area, and we’re willing to give you the time and resources necessary to do that. This article from Wistia is a great example of the kind of specific, actionable style we’re looking for.

Topics we’d like to cover include studies of salaries, hiring processes and tech stacks. For instance you might write about salary differences between the Cape Town and Johannesburg or about gender bias in hiring. We have a huge amount of data about the tech industry and your job will be to use that data to tell compelling stories.

We will be making a lot of videos and you will need to “own” the creation of them. We plan to hire a videographer full-time who will handle the technical aspects, but we would expect you to fully understand the medium.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You need to write extremely well
  • You should care about crafting words until they’re just right
  • 2+ years experience writing and/or creating videos
  • You are comfortable doing data analysis in Excel/Google Sheets.
  • Able to work with us at our Cape Town office
Reasons to join:
  • The content you create will help thousands of developers have awesome careers and help hundreds of companies improve how they hire.
  • You will have the time and resources to make world-class content.
  • Our platform is growing incredibly fast, and OfferZen is going to have a huge impact on the tech and recruitment industry over the next few years.
  • We’re a small team of 12 people with lots of startup experience. Previously we’ve been involved in startups like JourneyApps, Fireworks, SnapScan and BitX.
How to apply

Send Philip an email ( if this job sounds like your kind of thing. Please include the following:

  1. An article or video you’ve made that you’re proud of
  2. A resume and/or link to your LinkedIn profile
  3. A paragraph about why you’re interested in this job

About OfferZen

OfferZen is a marketplace to hire software developers. We flip the normal recruitment model around, so instead of developers applying for jobs, companies send them interview requests with upfront salary. We are changing the way developers find work in South Africa, and working hard to help improve the developer ecosystem along the way.

Developers love us because we give them the power to choose the things that matter to them in their next job, and we make the whole process super simple. OfferZen works for companies because we give them a list of top developers actively looking for work, and they can directly reach out to request interviews with them.