Role: Digital Marketing Manager

We’re looking for a performance marketer to join our team and grow our online marketing efforts massively. You’ll be taking over from one of the founders and will own online marketing completely.

Since OfferZen launched 12 months ago we’ve been growing 40% month on month and at least one software developer finds work through us every day. Online advertising has played a huge role in that growth and we want to continue to scale the channel.

Most of our marketing effort goes into reaching developers. They’re a niche audience and there are some unique challenges to market effectively to them. You’ll be running a lot of experiments with different ad types, targeting methods and platforms to find the best ways of reaching them.

Right now we’re primarily running ads on Facebook and Adwords, but you’ll be adding new platforms and publishers. It will be your job to figure out which platforms we should use going forward and to run the necessary experiments on those platforms.

OfferZen is a metrics driven organization with a growth culture. If you consider data to be your friend then you'll fit right in :D

Here’s what we’re looking for:
  • Experience running campaigns with the major online ad platforms
  • Familiar with the best practices and industry trends in online advertising
  • Skilled at creating and interpreting online ad reports
  • You can setup and maintain accurate attribution tracking
  • Analyse campaign performance and generate actionable insights
  • Able to work with us at our Cape Town office
Reasons to join:
  • You’ll have autonomy within digital marketing and budget to test new ideas and platforms.
  • Our platform is growing incredibly fast, and OfferZen is going to have a huge impact on the tech and recruitment industry over the next few years.
  • We’re a small team of 14 people with lots of startup experience. Previously we’ve been involved in startups like JourneyApps, Fireworks, SnapScan and BitX.
How to apply

If this job sounds like your kind of thing send your CV to Philip (

About OfferZen

OfferZen is a marketplace to hire software developers. We flip the normal recruitment model around, so instead of developers applying for jobs, companies send them interview requests with upfront salary. We are changing the way developers find work in South Africa, and working hard to help improve the developer ecosystem along the way.

Developers love us because we give them the power to choose the things that matter to them in their next job, and we make the whole process super simple. OfferZen works for companies because we give them a list of top developers actively looking for work, and they can directly reach out to request interviews with them.