Role: DevOps Engineer

We're looking for an experienced DevOps engineer to join our product team and help improve, maintain, and scale the OfferZen platform.

The OfferZen product team is made up of developers and UI/UX designers. We work closely together to identify and solve interesting and complex challenges. Your role will also involve taking lead on all DevOps related responsibilities to ultimately ensure the general stability of the platform.

Reasons to join:
  • You’ll be building something meaningful for other developers.
  • You’ll be a core team member and make key product decisions.
  • The product is working and we’re growing very quickly. OfferZen is going to have a huge impact on the recruitment industry over the next few years.
  • We’re a small team of 10 people with lots of startup experience. Previously we’ve been involved in startups like JourneyApps, Fireworks, SnapScan and BitX.
What you'll do:
  • Assist the product team in solving interesting and challenging problems
  • Write clear, well tested, maintainable server-side code
  • Explicate and enforce best practises for system ops (server, application, integrations)
  • Improve our visibility into platform stability and performance
  • Take responsibility for general DevOps related tasks such as hosting, identifying and patching security exploits/vulnerabilities, optimizing CI
What you'll need:
  • BEng/BSc in computer science, or dropout with equivalent working experience
  • Minimum of 3 years DevOps experience (preferably experience with AWS, Heroku)
  • Strong software development skills in Ruby (preferably Rails as well)
  • A solid foundation in computer science in areas such as software architecture and data structures
  • Ability to work both autonomously, and in a small team to solve complex problems
  • Passionate about continuous delivery and automated testing (we are!)
  • Care about quality and shipping high quality code
  • Knowledge on the latest web technology

You can check out our OfferZen profile on OfferZen to view our tech stack. OfferZenception :)

Send us an email ( if this job sounds like your kind of thing. Obviously you’ll need to create an OfferZen profile as well ;)

About OfferZen

OfferZen is a marketplace to hire software developers. We flip the normal recruitment model around, so instead of developers applying for jobs, companies send them interview requests with upfront salary. We are changing the way developers find work in South Africa, and working hard to help improve the developer ecosystem along the way.

Developers love us because we give them the power to choose the things that matter to them in their next job, and we make the whole process super simple. OfferZen works for companies because we give them a list of top developers actively looking for work, and they can directly reach out to request interviews with them.