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What I Learned From Interviewing For A New Job
Getting rejected is an inevitable part of job hunting, but it turned out to be much harder than I expected. Here's how I learnt to deal with it.
by Petrus Kruger - 12 November 2018
Topic: Interviews
8 Questions To: Philip Joubert, OfferZen Co-Founder
What are your favourite failures, unusual habits or most influential books? OfferZen's Co-Founder, Philip Joubert, answers 8 Tim Ferris-inspired questions.
by Anne Gonschorek - 3 August 2018
Topic: Industry insights
Expert Guide on How to Make a Badass UI/UX Portfolio
Portfolios are the one thing allowing UI/UX designers to stand out - even more so than CVs. Here are the tips from experts at Dropbox, InVision and Glucode.
by Marike Brown - 2 May 2018
Topic: Interviews
Outsourcing Financial Management: The Perks of a Virtual CFO
OutsourcedCFO is a Cape Town-based financial management boutique that gives emerging companies access to the skills typically associated with a Chief Financial Officer...
by Helené van Tonder - 10 August 2017
Topic: Interviews
AMA with Estiaan le Roux - Head of Product at SnapScan
Estiaan le Roux has been part of SnapScan since its inception, and is currently the Head of Product. On Friday, 2 June, the ZATech Slack community hosted an AMA with...
by Helené van Tonder - 8 June 2017
Topic: Interviews
Inside JUMO's Development Team
JUMO is a financial services marketplace. Using behavioural data from mobile usage, their predictive technology creates highly accurate credit ratings for people - a “JUMO...
by Helené van Tonder - 31 May 2017
Topic: Interviews
How I quit Google and lost $100k - Interview with Jason Grishkoff
With his brainchild Indie Shuffle, Jason Grishkoff has created a music blog that, eight years after its launch, is still one of the most popular music sites on the web. It...
by Anne Gonschorek - 30 May 2017
Topic: Interviews
Bootstrapper: Nic Harry - A business built on colorful socks
Nic Haralambous talks about his bootstrapped project Nic Harry. Tapping into the gap of creative accessories for men, his bamboo socks lead to a entire range of lifestyle...
by Anne Gonschorek - 26 May 2017
Topic: Interviews
Why 2U spent R1.38 billion to acquire GetSmarter
Nasdaq-listed digital education platform 2U recently acquired Cape Town based GetSmarter for R1,38 billion. OfferZen met with 2U’s COO Susan Cates to chat about why she...
by Anne Gonschorek - 25 May 2017
Topic: Interviews
Bootstrapper: Rudolph Koegelenberg on CaptureFit
Rudolph Koegelenberg talks about his bootstrapped project, CaptureFit. As a keen sportsman and active member of the fitness community, he's seen the demand for an online...
by Helené van Tonder - 11 May 2017
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